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The company "DA Studio LLC" is a software company operating under Register Number I023910CS.

DA Studio LLC coordinates CocoLoto, the "App", which is a free game without in-app purchase and entirely funded through advertising (Hereinafter "the Game").

All trademarks, logos and other distinctive symbols reproduced or used on the Application are the exclusive property of DA Studio LLC. They are protected as such by the provisions of the Code of Intellectual Property. Any unauthorized reproduction or use of these trademarks, logos and symbols constitutes an infringement punishable by the national law.

It is stated that Apple is not a sponsor and is not involved in the prizes offered. Prizes have no connection with Apple products.


2.1 Participation conditions

Any natural person, over 18 on the day of participation can register and play on the Application (hereinafter, the "Participant") ; are excluded of the Participation: the staff of "DA Studio LLC", their family, as well as the partners of the Application.

By installing and / or using the Application, the Participant acknowledges having read these rules and agrees to respect them in its entirety.

2.2 Registration

No registration is required to participate in the Game.

Each Participant will be identified through his smartphone or tablet that he certifies to be the usual user.

Each Participant is authorized to hold only one account on the Game.

The Participant warrants that the data he / she communicates in the "Profile" section are accurate and consistent with reality.


The Game consists for each Participant to play a grid, which implies selecting and registering :

- 5 numbers from 1 to 49

- 2 symbols among 12 symbols

The winning combinations are randomly drawn. Each Participant who has selected one of the winning combinations gets the highest Prize associated with the numbers and symbols he has registered (the “Prize”).

For example, a Participant registered 5 numbers and 2 symbols but found only 4 winning numbers and 1 winning sign:

- will only get the Prize corresponding to the combination "4 numbers and 1 symbol"; - and will not get the Prize corresponding to the combination "5 numbers and 1 symbol" or that corresponding to the combination "3 numbers and 1 symbol".


The Participant opens the Application and plays a grid. Then, he watches an advertising content. Once the advertising content has been watched, the grid played by the Participant is approved.

In the absence of advertising available in the Game at the time of entering the grid, the player will still get the approval of its grid.

The Participant can play every day from Monday to Sunday, throughout the year. The Participant can play as many times as he wishes within the limit of 100 grids per day.


A daily CocoLoto draw is done at 9 pm for grids played between 9:01 pm the day before and 8:59 pm the same day (this "24 hours" period corresponds to the expression "per day", "each day" or "Same day" in this Regulation).

For each draw, the order in which the series of numbers are presented as a whole doesn’t matter. The results of the previous CocoLoto’s draw are revealed on the “Home screen” of the Application. The publication of the winning Participants and the Prizes won appears in the "Winners" section.

All Winning Participants receive a Prize confirmation by receiving a "push" via the Application.


The winning combinations detailed in the “All Prizes" section of the Application are the following:

- 1st combination (Jackpot): 5 numbers + 2 symbols

- 2nd combination: 5 numbers + 1 symbol

- 3rd combination: 5 numbers + 0 symbol

- 4th combination: 4 numbers + 2 symbols

- 5th combination: 4 numbers + 1 sign

- 6th combination: 3 numbers + 2 symbols

- 7th combination: 4 numbers + 0 symbol

- 8th combination: 2 numbers + 2 symbols

- 9th combination: 3 numbers + 1 symbol

- 10th combination: 3 numbers + 0 symbol

- 11th combination: 1 number + 2 symbols

- 12th combination: 0 number + 2 symbols

- 13th combination: 2 numbers + 1 symbol

- 13th combination: 2 numbers + 0 symbol

There is no Prizes associated with the following combinations:

- 1 number + 1 symbol

- 1 number + 0 symbol

- 0 number + 1 symbol

- No number / winning symbol

Each winning combination is associated with a Prize described on the "All Prizes" section of the Application.


7.1 Rules applicable to the Jackpot (cf. "1st Combination")

At the time of creation of the Game, the Jackpot is 10 000€. This jackpot may change anytime.

7.1.1 If there is no winning combination

If during the draw, no Participant has registered the 1st Combination, the Jackpot is then brought back into play, and may be increased by an addition defined by DA Studio LLC.

7.1.2. Jackpot Renewal

Once the Jackpot has been hit, a new Jackpot is bring into play for the next draw. In accordance with article 7.1, the new Jackpot is fixed by DA Studio LLC and may also be again 10 000€.

This amount may be increased each day by an add-in defined by DA Studio LLC, until one or more Participant(s) register the 1st Combination.

7.1.3 In case of winning combination In case of a single winner

In the event that only one Participant has registered the 1st Combination, the entire sum of the Jackpot is allocated to him.

It is specified that if this Participant has registered several times the 1st Combination, the same day, he will only get the Jackpot once. In case of plurality of winners

In the event that several Participants have registered the 1st Combination, on the same day, each winning combination will allow each Participant to win a proportionate share of the Jackpot.

- If X Participants have registered the 1st Combination (approved each time once), each Participant will get 1 / X of the Jackpot. For example: if 3 Participants registered the 1st Combination, each Participant will get 1/3 of the Jackpot.

- If one or more Participants have registered several times the 1st Combination, the quota of the Jackpot allocated to each Participant will be calculated in proportion to the number of 1st Combinations registered by each Participant. For example: if 2 Participants registered the 1st Combination, and if the 1st Participant registered it only once, while the 2nd Participant recorded it 4 times, the 1st Participant will get 1/5 of the Jackpot while the 2nd Participant will get 4/5 of the Jackpot.


In the event that DA Studio LLC decides to reward users with Prizes other cash or CocoPoints - travel ticket, phone, voucher on a website or otherwise - the company reserves the right to choose the Prize according to limit of the value announced on the "Prizes to win" page.


9.1 General rules

To receive a cash Prize, the following are requested from the winner:

- Having a minimum balance of 10€ in the balance account - Having all information completed in the Profile section of the Game: Display name, Name and surname, first name, gender, date of birth, email address

9.2. Cash Prize payment

Before being able to receive a Prize, the Participant must have a minimum of 10€ in his balance to withdraw the money and must fully complete his profile information. In order to withdraw the money, the Participant must have a Paypal account.

The Participant may not have a Paypal account on the day of the draw but must have a Paypal account at the time he claims his Prize.

The transaction fees inherent to the user's money transfer are assumed by the Participant.


Participant can also play through unadvertised grids by inviting friends to the Game, downloading applications and logging in via Facebook.

Participant who obtains a grid without advertising can play a grid without previewing an advertisement.

In the absence of advertising available in the Game when registering the grid, the player will also obtain a grid without advertising.


11.1 The data collected and subsequently processed by DA Studio LLC are those that the Participant transmits voluntarily when creating his user account or synchronizing the Application of the Game with his other applications.

In accordance with the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978 amended in 2004, the Participant has a right of access, rectification and opposition to personal data concerning him / her. All the user can do is write at or send a letter to the head office of the DA Studio LLC, with a proof of identity.

Information collected from Participants is stored securely. The person responsible for collecting and processing these data is DA Studio LLC. These data will be used by DA Studio LLC for the purposes of the use of the Application and will not be communicated to third parties without prior authorization of the Participant.

11.2 Depending on the choices made during the creation of the user account, the Participant may receive newsletters from DA Studio LLC and / or its business partners. If the user no longer wishes to do so, he may at any time oppose it by sending an e-mail to the following address

11.3 Personal data relating to the Participant will be destroyed at the end of the legal deadlines or when they become irrelevant or at the express request of the Participant.

Each User may, by postal mail addressed to the head office of DA Studio LLC or via taking care to indicate his personal identifiers, access or request access to the information concerning him to have them modified or deleted or to prohibit such use by DA Studio LLC .

Each User may, at the time of registration or at any time thereafter, ask DA Studio for free to receive or no longer receive information on the services offered by DA Studio and / or the promotional offers sent to him by email And / or on its mobile by DA Studio LLC and / or its partners in compliance with the law "Informatique et Libertés" n ° 78-17 of 6 January 1978 as amended.

The personal information collected by the Company for the services it offers may include name, surname, gender, date of birth, email, Paypal address, user picture.

In addition, certain non-personal information may be collected such as the browser version of the User (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.), type of operating system used (Windows, Mac OS, etc.) , The IP address of the device used, or the detailed nature of the mobile device, namely the model of the mobile device and the version of its operating system (eg iOS version X).

DA Studio has endeavored to put in place all technical and operational measures necessary to preserve the confidentiality and the security of the User's personal data processed and to prevent them from being altered, damaged, destroyed or Have access to it.


The Participant acknowledges and accepts that, if necessary; especially in the case of maintenance work, technical failure, damage to the automated data processing system or difficulties arising from the Internet or the mobile telephone network ; access to the Application may be temporarily suspended, or even permanently stopped.

In the event that the Participant can not connect and / or play, or that an anomaly during the participation causes the non-approval of the combination; the responsibility of DA Studio LLC can not be retained, especially if these difficulties are the fact of a misconfiguration of the Participant's computer equipment, a technical breakdown or a malfunctioning of the communication networks.


Each winner authorizes DA Studio LLC to use the name provided within the Game Profile without restriction or qualification and without giving him a remuneration, a right or any advantage other than the awarding of his prize.

The image of each winner provided within the Game Profile section may also be used by DA Studio LLC in the form of a photograph or video to highlight the winning Entrants for communications purposes only (social networks).


Any fraud or attempted fraud, manifested by a commencement of performance and committed with a view to improperly collecting a Prize or participating improperly in a draw, shall be subject to prosecution in accordance with the provisions, including on the basis of the Article 313-1 et seq. of the French Penal Code.


In case of dispute over the meaning of a term or a provision of the General Terms of Use, the Participant may contact the company DA Studio by mail addressed to the registered office of the company or by filling out the contact form and taking the care of indicating his personal identity.

Any dispute arising in connection with these General Terms of Use shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the competent courts of the headquarters of the Company DA Studio.


The Application is hosted by a french provider: OVH SAS.